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Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening

To style, you can simply blow dry and smooth out with a flat iron for silky shiny tresses. Touch up applications on the regrowth is necessary every 6 to 9 months depending on hair texture and rate of growth.

Chemically straightened/relaxed hair

This is not a service to jump into lightly. You must be sure you are ready for a permanent change, since this process is definitely not reversible. Proper homecare is crucial. Protein and moisture are the crucial ingredients in these haircare products. Hair that is not properly maintained will become fuzzy, dull and breakage could occur.

It's definitely a long term commitment but one that will pay off with the silky smooth hair of your dreams.

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Chemical hair straightening , also known as relaxing, involves a process where the basic structure of overly curly or wavy hair is changed into a straight form. Both relaxing and permanent waving utilize fairly strong chemicals that are applied directly to the to the hair shaft. However, their objectives are reversed.

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While a perm is designed to add curls or waves, a relaxing treatment is designed to remove them. Chemical hair straightening is not a difficult procedure, but it does require a thorough technical knowledge of the relaxing process. We at V For Hair and Beauty Merivale have a company policy of not using any straightening or keratin products that contain formaldehyde. Many people come from having their hair chemically straightened in such countries as India or China where formaldehyde straightening products are readily available and used.

Studies have shown women who have been exposed to formaldehyde either before or after conception of babies, had outcomes when examined including menstrual abnormalities, infertility, spontaneous abortions, stillbirths, congenital malformations, premature birth, and birth weight.

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  7. These are pretty heavy side effects. You can be assured at V for Hair and Beauty that all our products are formaldehyde free. But even the most stubborn minded beauty addicts ought to read up on the risks before taking the plunge… Trichologists say to keep these tips in mind:. The process of permanently straightening your hair can leave your locks feeling dehydrated.

    As hair experts we always recommend the correct home care to our clients before they leave the salon and we explain the correct home aftercare regime.

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    5. We offer complimentary consultations in this service. Here is s recent video of a straightening this week.

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      Chemical straightening There are many different treatments and processes to chemically straighten your hair and some are harsher than others. What does it involve? Is it bad for your hair?